Janet Echelman and Google

    weave an interactive sculpture in the sky


    Artists Janet Echelman and Aaron Koblin – creative director at Google’s creative lab – have collaborated to create unnumbered sparks, a monumental interactive sculpture in the sky, billowing silently overhead visitors to downtown Vancouver, The ethereal net spanning 745 feet between buildings shimmers with a vibrantly colored glow, punctuating the urban landscape as it floats above ground. Dynamic digital characteristics embedded within the aerial mesh define an engaging relationship with the viewer. Visitors with smart phones and tablets are able to paint vivid beams of light across the sculpture at a massive scale: small movements made on phones become nearly hundred foot long trails on its surface. When you look at the sculpture, you are looking at a web browser. The team explains the lighting on the sculpture is actually a single full screen google chrome window over 10 million pixels in size. Choreographed by the public in real time through their mobile devices, the soaring form becomes a crowed controlled visual on a massive canvas. Unnumbered sparks, which premiered at the TED conference’s 30’s anniversary, can be seen before it travels to other cities around the globe.