Public Art Program

We only work with world class artists and prominent emerging artists in our Public Art Program to ensure that our art exhibitions are at the high level as we can.

Public art is the soul of a city or an area. It is a contemporary form of meditation of the human condition. Public art is usually site-specific for a particular space or area

Public art is a symbol of a city in civilization. It increases the spiritual wealth of the city, in the positive sense of local identity, expressing its characteristics and cultural values​​; it undoubtedly reflects on the citizens of the city, on their own sense of identity and pride

Public art can transform and reinvent the location of the landscape - by highlighting certain qualities which evoke thought and understanding related to the expression of the history and value of the community or the city of art and culture. This process is an essential part of education for the public and the next generation of citizens.

Changing the face of public art in the city – The prolonged impact on the public perception of a confined mental state and around the world. This will  bolster the city's identity, shaping the city's unique character in which it plays a vital role.