Corporate/Private Collection Management

Corporate/Private Collection Management: Art collection in corporations can add prestige and taste as well as a sense of pride for its employees. World renowned corporate collections such as Deutsche bank, UBS, BMW and etc have the best collections in the world. Many corporations now are participating into the art collection, because of its added value, investment value, perceived prestige and unique marketing strategy.

We help corporate and private collections actively manage their art collection, including  inventory,  sourcing,  tailoring and making it financially viable for its specific purpose. We work with global art professionals and financial experts in China, the U.S, Switzerland and the rest of Europe to ensure our clients' interest and intention is maximally expressed in their collections. 

• We can provide recommendations for inventory management systems based on our years of experience working with best in class systems for private collectors, galleries and art businesses. ArtsAgape can catalogue your existing collection and add it to your chosen system. We can also carry out full research on works in your collection, including literature references and exhibition histories. We will also organize and update inventories and insurance valuations in concert with external appraisers as required.
• We will be delighted to provide recommendations for installing, framing and lighting your collection, and, should it be required, can also provide recommendations for restorers.
• We will be delighted to provide you with annual reviews of your collection’s value. Should it be required, we will also liaise with external partners to provide values for tax and insurance.
• We can also assist with ongoing collection refinement. In our analysis of your collection, we will notify you should any works in your collection significantly appreciate in value, as particular market opportunities may be available. Similarly, we will also notify you should the opportunity arise to upgrade works in your collection.
• Finally, 
ArtsAgape will also assist in establishing the significance of your collection and the works in it, by strategically securing loans of artworks from the collection to museums and galleries for exhibition.

Sourcing: thanks to our international prestigious partners, we have access to some of the most prestigious collections in the world. We help our clients select, authenticate, verify and make sure every single step of the purchase procedures is absolutely secured. 

Management: actively manage an art collection is essential to every collection. Collections are not supposed to sit in a house or vault passively. It is very important to keep track, cataloging and maximizing  its collection leverage capabilities. To add value and to create very distinguished and meaningful collections is our goal.
Family office/Art Financial Planning: we work with global art mangers to set up specific financial planning package for each individual client. Art financing and art banking are very advantageous financial leverage tools for corporations and private collectors, to ensure their art collections maximized its advantage.

Cultural Exchange Among Collections: this is our signature service to assist our clients to access social elite circles around the globe. We make connections and introductions to some of the most prestigious collectors and individuals in the world, encouraging their communication, exchange of ideas, enlightenment and inspirations. After all, art collections are at its most valuable capacity when their owners can utilize it for their personal or corporate growth. Collections are the spiritual expressions of personal or corporate tastes and identity. To ensure the process of this meaningful communication among collections is to help collections to be alive.