Advisory Services

Advisory Services


 ArtsAgape will work with you to develop a long-term plan for your collection and will devise a strategy to realise your goals.

We will work with you to identify the key artists, movements and artworks that are the focus of your collection and will create a strategic plan to strengthen your holdings in these areas.

We will leverage our international network of clients and trade contacts in order to source and recommend artworks for you to consider purchasing both privately and at auction, based on our understanding of your preferred artists, style, period and price range and on our ongoing discussions with you.

We will arrange and attend meetings with private sales specialists at galleries, dealers and auction houses on a regular basis to give you privileged access to works available in the current market.

We will also travel as necessary to view potential acquisitions firsthand.

When you decide to make an acquisition, ArtsAgape will negotiate the terms of purchase on your behalf. We will also coordinate as necessary with conservators & independent experts who may assist in acquisition advice.

We will also be delighted to assist with the organisation and administrative logistics relating to purchases of artworks.