Primary Market Access

ArtsAgape will leverage our relationships with galleries across the world to secure you privileged access to in-demand primary market artists. We will work with you to create a ‘bio’ for your collection and collecting habits, in order to frame your collection for galleries. 
For artists whose work is particularly difficult to access, ArtsAgape will propose strategies to increase our chances of securing works. These may include: 
• Setting up in person meetings with key gallerists
• Recommending strategic acquisitions of artists also represented by the key galleries. These acquisitions can provide a key stepping off point for access to in-demand artists.
• Recommendations for long-term museum donations. Acquisition of works can often be facilitated by agreeing to a later donation of the picture which you are acquiring, or by buying two works and agreeing to donate one immediately.
• Keeping track of the artist in question, in order to be aware of all upcoming shows and new bodies of work becoming available for sale. This will include monitoring of art fairs, and of galleries other than the artist’s main representation.