Collection Analysis and Strategic Deaccession Plan

ArtsAgape can provide you with the full spectrum of collection management services.
• ArtsAgape will work to provide a thorough analysis of and plan for your collection. We will work with you to understand your goals for editing your collection, and will recommend strategies which support these outcomes.
• During the analysis process we will assist you in identifying your core collection artworks to retain and identify which works will be deaccessioned.
• ArtsAgape map out a recommended plan for each of the artworks identified for deaccession. We will recommend which works should be sold privately, which to sell now, which to donate to museums, and which to possibly hold pending upcoming exhibitions or other events that will influence the market.
• ArtsAgape will then implement the approved plan of offering artworks for sale and museum donation.
• ArtsAgape will also assist with ongoing collection refinement. In our analysis of your collection, we will notify you should any works in your collection significantly appreciate in value, as particular market opportunities may be available. Similarly, we will also notify you should the opportunity arise to upgrade works in your collection.
• We will be delighted to provide you with annual reviews of your collection’s value. Should it be required, we will also liaise with external partners to provide values for tax and insurance.
• ArtsAgape can also assist you with long term planning in regards to your core collection.