Auction purchases

Each auction season, ArtsAgape will provide assistance with your auction activity. We will be on hand to run through the works on offer, and to highlight any opportunities or particularly special lots. We will also be available to conduct guided tours of the auction previews, and to provide insight in person.
Should you decide to bid on any particular lots, ArtsAgape will request condition reports from the auction house in question. We will compare these reports to our own analysis of the condition. This analysis will guide our recommendation to you on bidding levels. ArtsAgape will look into the art historical background of these lots to provide impartial advice on the significance of these works in the artist’s œuvre.
Ahead of the auction, ArtsAgape will gather interest levels from the auction houses. This information on other interested parties will allow us to advise on the level of competition to expect on any given bid.
ArtsAgape will bid as proxy on your behalf, to keep your identity confidential. We will liaise with the auction houses on all post-sale matters, including invoicing, shipping and the collection of any additional information post-sale for your records.