Art Concierge Program

The Art Concierge Program is by invitation only. The program takes on the mission of cultivating the next generation of art collectors and bringing them directly into the elite social circle of the international art world by providing them with supreme access and service in connection with art. This program serves high profile art lovers, collectors and art enthusiasts with access to the elite social circle and art programs during art event seasons or private receptions primarily in the most prominent cities around the globe. This program is designed to provide the next level of truly global social life style in connection with art and gaining access to the international art scene. From the largest private royal art collections, such as the Lichtenstein art collection, to the private contemporary art collections around the globe, the experience of immersion into art and culture with specially arranged guidance and experts is the most unforgettable cultural romance one can experience in a lifetime. During the visit at our privileged art program, guests participate in a variety of art and cultural activities, which engages them in the art world. The program is tailored to the interests of each group and focus on:


Art Cultivation, Experience, Enlightenment


Art Experiences
ArtsAgape will provide you with exclusive access to art world experiences.
• We will leverage our connections with galleries and artists to give you access to tours of artists studios. We will focus on artists in your collection, and on artists whose work you are looking to collect. These valuable visits will help to build your relationship with these artists, and may improve your access to their work.
• We will also leverage our connections with museums in order to arrange curator lead tours of shows which appeal to your tastes.
• We will secure you VIP passes to those art fairs which you wish to visit. We may also recommend additional fairs which we think would be to your taste. Should you wish, we will walk the fair with you, providing you with introductions and behind the scenes access to private viewing rooms and information.
In addition to the above, we will keep track of, and share with you, any relevant art market news, including information about new exhibitions of artists in whom you are interested, or whom we are recommending for your collection. We at 
ArtsAgape see our role as being more than just your advisor, but also your guide in the art world. 



The main focus of this program is to cultivate taste in art and in the lifestyle of collectors, including high profile individuals and art aficionados. Participants  have exclusive access to some of the most prestigious collections and resources in the world. With private assistance and an introduction to the most distinguished individuals, the focus is on building connections and opening the horizons of art, as well as connecting to the international mainstream of the art world. Possible programming can include but is not limited to:

Viewing and connecting major private collections/collectors in the world

Museums with private exclusive access

Access to exclusive cultural events, parties and invitations

Invitation by Royals for private receptions

Lectures provided by known art professionals, art historians, and leaders in the areas of: Art collection, art investment, the art market, collection management, etc

Art purchasing assistance at auctions, fairs and galleries