Real Fiction Cinema , Dongguan , China
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Real Fiction Cinema , China Premiere


ArtsAgape International

Opening: 18 March, 2015 at 15:00

Through 18 June, 2015 

Admission: Free

Real Fiction Cinema, China Premiere

A Travelling Art Installation in Public Space


Immediately following the week of Art Basel in Hong Kong, ArtsAgape is pleased to present Real Fiction Cinema, China on March 18, 2015. The non-commercial temporary art installation will take place in Dongguan, Guandong, China, located one hour away from Hong Kong and provide a unique perspective of temporary art intervention in public space. 


Comprising three cinemas at three locations in the city of Dongguan, Real Fiction Cinema, China curated by Klaus Littmann in conjunction with artist Job Koelewijn, will make its first stop in China after extensively traveling in Switzerland. The precise perspectives and film music chosen by Job Koelewijn and Klaus Littmann are defined by particular locations, utterly intimate for each viewer, who according to their reaction and personal experience in life creates his or her own film script. A broad window – serving as the “real projected screen”– documents live every second, minute and hour. By supplementing the "real cinema" with soundtracks from well-known films, the screenplay and plot of the films are shaped according to the principle of “planned chance” A familiar view of the street is manipulated into a “conditioned vision”, which in turn lead to psychologically provocative programmed scenes, interplaying with the“familiar” and“unfamiliar”. Real Fiction Cinema crosses the boundaries of culture and language as well. Viewers from diverse backgrounds can interpret the Cinema in the process of experiencing the reality.

As art critic and publicist Reinhardt Stumm puts it, “The imaginary and the real flow together in a way that we have never experienced before”.

The art project started in November 2010 in Zurich. Since then, the cinemas travelled to Bern, Basel – during Art 42 Basel - and Ticino - for the Locarno Festival. In its nine-month tour, more than 71,000 people visited Real Fiction Cinema.


The China premiere in Dongguan, Guangdong, with a population over 8 million, known as the “Manufacturer of the World” and “the wealthiest city of China” in 2014 will present three cinemas in three independent locations, to show different fabrics of the city. One cinema among them will be curated with known Chinese film music specially designed for the Chinese audience. Each cinema is 12 meters in length by 5 meters in width, and 2.7 meters tall. The enclosed room, originally designed by LOST Architecture in Switzerland, is a regular cinema setting accommodating twenty-three viewers. A concurrent film projection will be presented at the 4th exhibition hall at the Lingnan museum of Fine Art.