Natural Chaos

Natural Chaos
Steel Art Installation
HuMen, China

Artist: Arne Quinze(Belgium)
Material: Aluminium, metal, glass, clear coating paint system from gray to black

Weight: 60 tons 

Height: 30 meters 

A Landmark for Dongguan City 

Public art installation, Arne Quinze foresees a new steel-glass art piece that is constructed on the newly designed green square in front of the Yellow River hotel.A metal glass installation confronts its audience and evokes communication. In line with previously succeeded installations around the world such as The Visitor (Lebanon), Camille (France), Wind ( Shanghai), Structured Chaos (Brazil) & Rock Strangers (New York) Quinze continues amazing his passer-by with innovative public projects. Recognised for his active, ongoing campaign to reactivate cities and societies through art he wants to build and realise attractive cities that benefit from being confronted with works of art. Art, with the same effect of what we feel when encountering a great force of nature, an unspoilt experience, leaving you completely dazed.

His sculptures generate an effect on the urban surroundings and architectural context. These works of art provide people with a framework, which can be used to pause and reflect on the identity of the place where they currently are. By means of the confrontation with public installations, people can rediscover the city and regain their sense of pride about their cities. Artists therefore just have to go out there and stir emotions in order to make people reflect on the exact meaning of art and how it influences their lives.

Arne Quinze created an art piece that will significantly characterise the Yellow River hotel area. Its visitors will be immersed in a playful game of light obtained by a detailed layout of different sized and coloured stained glass works. A technique often used in cathedrals, reused by Quinze to create a sacred atmosphere that wraps it’s environment and it’s passer-by in a constant glow of coloured light. These carefully placed glass plates with different sizes and colours will immerse the environment in an continuous shadow play of light. Pushing imagination, evoking emotion and sparking conversation.Always seeking inspiration from the direct environment in which his works are placed, he aims to redraw the attention back to the Yellow Rivers hotel surrounding area. Creating a oases of tranquility that will redraw the attention by give cachet to the Yellow Rivers hotel itself.

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Natural Chaos

Natural Chaos is Arne Quinze's latest development of art pieces. In conjunction with earlier works like the 'Chaos Box’self-portrait, where Quinze investigates the multitude of thoughts and inspiration inside his own head, he now returns back to more compositional work researching chaos in time. For Quinze the existence of chaos is null. Often quoted as “there’s no chaos, only structure” all to him is structured. With ‘Natural Chaos', he challenged himself to capture and create so called chaos.