Real Fiction Cinema

Real and fiction,Brainstorm between price and value

“Economics Real Theatre”

Time14:00-17:00 , Nov. 5, 2016 (PSA Shanghai)

13:00-16:00, Nov. 12, 2016 (Sinan Mansions)


Seminar16:30-18:30Nov. 12, 2016 (Sinan Mansions hall, cross from Costa coffee)

Curator: Xiaokun Qiu




Since “Real Fiction Cinema” Shanghai Premiere has been one month already. The number of the visitors to our three locations: PSA, Sinan Mansions and Houtan Park has reached more than 120,000 till today. The duality of real and fiction has been gradually manifested itself—it attempts to re-examine the evaluation system of people‘s daily life, guides people to introspect life and self, the real and fiction.  


“Real Fiction Cinema” is a temporary art installation, 12 meters long, 5 meters wide and 2.7 meters high. It accommodates 23 spectators. A broad window provides high resolution of the viewing effect, and transmits the live view of daily life. Contingency and randomness make spectators hold their expectations. By this broad window, we assume that if I’m there, what will happen to me, so that the meaning can be transferred by getting involved with the behavior of others. Be a viewer or be an actor? “Real Fiction Cinema” is a laboratory that beyond its physical limits to test all the possibilities.


The mutual influence of Real and Fiction is similar to the relationship between price and value, they enclose one another and present one another.




There are two performance art series happening at PSA and Sinan Mansions in the afternoon of Nov. 5 and Nov.12, 2016. They are curated by Xiaokun Sunny Qiu, and performed by JinFeng and LiangJie. The language of “Real Fiction Cinema” is complete in itself, so it does not need any more add-ons. “Economics Real Theatre” will only intervene from one side of the broad window as an experimental piece. It aims to examine various facets of “Real Fiction Cinema”, challenge the sensitive topics, in order to initiate a series of discussions and exploration, offering re-engagement with the ideas of the mutual construction process of people and the “real and fiction”.


According to the differences of these two locations, we will arrange different content to adapt to the different audience groups. We invited scholars and elites from various countries around the world to participate in an in-depth discussion of the “Real Fiction Cinema”, including known art critic and writer Richard Vine, architect Gudjon Bjarnason and other industry celebrities. The discussion will be compiled into a book. During the tour in 10 city of Chinasuch seminars will follow in the footsteps of “Real Fiction Cinema” in different cities.